Learn How to Immigrate to Lithuania

Lithuania is a Baltic country and located in Northern Europe with more than 2 million inhabitants. It is the member of European Union (EU), NATO and Schengen Agreement. Some time back, the United Nation Human Development Index listed Lithuania as the country with very high human development.
Though the country is comparatively less popular among immigrants, it has managed to leave a mark on the international map. Slowly those who dream of settling in Europe have started making queries about Lithuania immigration.
Maybe, you will be a little surprised to know that the country’s economy is one of the fastest growing in the EU. Lately, the Baltic country has joined Euro Zone and has become its 19th member.
Lithuania is fast becoming popular, especially among business professionals who are always on a look out for an opportunity to invest their hard earned money. As per some reports, in the Ease of Doing Business Index the country has been ranked 17th which means it is an ideal place for those who are looking for an opportunity to start their business overseas.
Why Immigrate to Lithuania?
The answer is simple it has a growing economy and an entry in the nation means the immigrant gets easily access to the EU and the Schengen member states. As compared to other European countries, here the cost of living is relatively low. It means you can actually save more, even as your purchasing power will increase.
How to Immigrate to Lithuania?
As compared to other countries, it is pretty much easy to immigrate to the Baltic state. The country welcomes immigrants. However if you happen to be a business professional, you have an added advantage. Perhaps, you will be happy to know for business immigrants it’s an easy cakewalk to immigrate to the country.
They must agree either to make an investment in the country or start a new company. Although there are several good ways to enter the country, the most suitable and feasible is the ‘EU Blue Card’.
Qualified natives of the Non EU/Non EEA countries are granted a Temporary Residence Permit (TRP). The unique feature of the permit is that it also covers the family members of primary applicant.  The category welcomes the natives of a third country, who possess a higher level diploma or a degree, and have a contract worth double the monthly salary in the country.
As mentioned before, for the business immigrants, it is the very easy to immigrate to Lithuania. Once your visa application has been approved, initially a visa is issued for one year. It can be further extended with the possibility of acquiring Permanent Residence (PR) Permit in the future.
Non business professionals can also apply for the TRP. To do so, the applicants do not have any specific educational qualification or prior work experience. But a good academic record and proficiency in English or official language is a must.
To make the complete Lithuania immigration journey easy, consult an immigration consultant who will not only give you a proper guidance but will ease the entire immigration process for you.

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Electrical Engineers Immigrate to Australia and Canada for Live and Work

The top picked nations are New Zealand, Australia and Canada when it comes for migration of the skilled persons. These countries have a perfect environment for getting the skilled peoples migrated and enjoy the all migration benefits and facilities provided. The reason behind is the developed status of the nation, numerous of open opportunities and enjoyable work environment with high salary received.

The electrical engineers, who have the educational background as per the requirement, have high experience as an employee in the electrical engineer sector, perfect language knowledge and age as per the demand mostly applies. Depending upon the number of applicants applied for the post the most suitable one is selected under the available migration scheme.

For a better living and lifestyle the electrical engineers immigrate to Australia and Canada for live and work because these are the two most suitable nations for growth of an engineer and have high demand. Firstly the migrants immigrate as a temporary residence and after getting settled they opt to have a permanent residency visa, they can also take the dependents and spouse with them.

The applicant who migrates as an electrical engineer has to perform for the mentioned task and responsibilities:

  • All the tasks are related to the architectural electrical investigation and making the designs on the basis o the available materials and resources.
  • Making the development of the operation and available materials used properly with perfect assembly
  • The engineer needs to design the sketches and prepare the related architectural designs
  • The valid detailed programs are made as per the sketches and installation of the same is made through the circuit diagrams with the complete security.
  • All the data’s are collected and graphs are prepared keeping the best utilization of the resources

The new opportunities keep on coming for the electrical engineers because the new generations always comes up with the latest and advanced techniques of engineering and the working experience makes them perfect to serve. The best result comes up by the experienced engineers who migrate to work for the immigrating country and gets settled for a better life.

If the migrant fails to perform all the above mentioned tasks and get the responsibilities done effectively then the applicant has to go for the training. Under the training the migrant signs a bond in which the certain years contract to work with a particular company are made. Through this the migrant learn about the professional working environment and become qualified to work as a professional.

The electrical engineers must have the valid working permit, visa and it must be made under the appropriate migration scheme. The Australia follows its own migration system that is 233311 under the ANZSCO and Canada the federal skilled worker program that is how the application for the valid visa as electrical engineers is made.

The electrical engineers immigrate to Australia and Canada for live and work as a permanent and temporary residence. The visa on the basis of the skill and capability is provided, the migration consultant provides complete detail on how to migrate and apply for the visa and then the selected applicant gets permit to work and migrate.

Australia Shelves Significant Investor Permits

As per a new report pouring in straight from Australia, the petitions submitted for new Australian Significant Investor Permits are being shelved from later in April 2015 until the close of June, thanks to the amendments made to the investment framework.

The same denotes that the capability of the administrations of the Australian states & territories to activate invitation letters–under the present complying investment structure for subcategory 188 Significant Investor Permits–will officially come to an end on April 24, 2015.

The same also denotes that at the present only a limited window of opportunity for individuals keen to submit a petition, via the present investment framework, exists. It will be essential for them to either have their petition fully completed, latest by April 23, or cool their heels until the latest framework is duly finalized, and in operation even as the same is likely to be from July 01 this year.

For those not tuned in, the visa is basically meant for the aspirants eager to come up with a significant investment in Oz, for a time-frame of not less than four years, and results in Permanent Residency (PR) with the choice to extend the original four year period of the permit. Candidates require possessing a real aim to reside in the state or territory whose administration organization offers nomination to them.

Aspirants–filing a petition for a Significant Investor Permit—submit an Expression of Interest (EoI) with the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Control (DIBP), before submitting a nomination with their chosen state or territory administration.

However, improvements to the complying investment framework signifies that it will be crucial for some permit petitions to hang around until July 01 when the same comes into being even as a scheme for the framework has been issued. It comprises a condition that 20% or one-fifth of the $5 million of investment ought to go into the early stage, growth capital investments, via sanctioned venture capital funds.

The same also recommends that not less than 30% or one-third of the candidate’s investment must make its way into emerging listed firm, via managed funds investing in little stock exchange listed organizations of Down Under.

It is unspoken that the framework will strengthen the existing laws preventing investment in residential real estate, and introduce fresh steps to come down hard on indirect investment in this segment, despite the fact that a portion of funds could make its way into real estate via managed funds.

Allegedly, the declaration has introduced a restricted window of opening for community eager to present a petition under the current investment framework. Applicants–with petitions in preparation not capable to fulfill the timetable–could have to think about an investment approach under the latest ‘yet to be finalized’ structure programmed to become effective from 01 July, 2015.

Summary: Petitions presented for new Australian Significant Investor Permits are being suspended from later in April 2015 until the close of June, courtesy the improvements made to the investment frame.

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Canada’s Express Entry Immigration Selection System for Potential Canadian Immigration Candidates

Express Entry of Canada is going full steam and as per the latest reports, over 5000 people have already been short listed for the final selection rounds. CIC has instructed them to comply with the submission guidelines and revert back within 60 days of receipt of the invite; failing which the invite would be cancelled. The government of the Maple leaf country is in quite an upbeat mood about the prospects being generated by the new skills migration system; a clear indication of which can be sensed from the selection routines being followed by the authorities, i.e. the time line of the selection rounds from January 31 to March 27 clearly shows that in the consecutive selection rounds the number of people being short listed per rounds has risen whereas the minimum cut-off for selection has come down considerable, almost half to be precise.


The latest skills migration system of this country is quite revolutionary in its application, and it embraces a variety of schemes, like FSW; FSTP; CEC; some portions of PNPs; and employment based offers, etc. We can easily say that this is the first step towards a comprehensive single window clearance concept; wherein the immigrants eager to migrate to the Maple Leaf country would be able to place their requests and access multiple pathways of migration through a single profile. The system professes preempting rather than reacting to a situation; the people willing to fly into this country can now know about their chances of gaining entry much before they actually make a move.

The applicants intending to obtain Immigration to Canada through Express Entry have at their disposal a facility that enables them to know about their chances of earning an entry into this North American nation on the basis of their skills, i.e. the EE system has a preliminary assessment process attached to it. As many of you are aware that the new system assesses the profiles of applicants on the basis of the criteria established under the erstwhile FSW system; the migration enthusiasts planning to move their migration requests must get over this hurdle successfully. Only after completing this step, can they move to the next level, i.e. the phase where they are instructed and assisted by the interactive system to create their electronic profiles.

During the profile creation phase also, the applicants undergo a gauging process, wherein, their profiles are subjected to an in depth evaluation by the CRS. After the completion of the profile assessment, the interactive Canada Express Entry 2015 system stores the profile in a bank of the applications; and ranks them on the basis of the trade codes and marks, etc.

The profiles once submitted on Canada Express Entry, however, are not considered as the final declarations of applicants; they are allowed to incorporate modifications in their profiles as per their convenience and requirements, i.e. in case the applicants experience changes in their conditions or are able to make improvements in their profiles after submission of the profiles, in terms of academic accomplishments, professional exposure or any other personal details, they can update required information in their profiles.

By all means, Canada Express Entry Immigration System Is the Best Pathway for Potential Skilled Candidates because updating information on the profiles can turn out to be highly beneficial for applicants as this can help the applicants in improving their chances of being selected for the final round of processing.

The current Canadian skills migration scheme does not rely on some specific number or time deadline; it is rather influenced by selection through merit under which the best profiles are given priority.


The best way to move to the Maple leaf country is to move through Canada’s Express Entry Immigration Selection System for Potential Canadian Immigration Candidates. The latest skills migration system of this country is quite revolutionary in its application, and it embraces a variety of schemes, like FSW; FSTP; CEC; some portions of PNPs; and employment based offers, etc.

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Australia PR Immigration Opportunity to 233111 Chemical Engineer

Located in the southern hemisphere and offering opportunities for permanent resident because of the rich economy and better development. The Australia provides an open opportunity for going overseas in a number of occupations and offer complete enjoyment to the PR by letting them take maximum benefits of staying in Australia. The immigrant can also bring their dependent and spouse after getting a PR citizenship.

The chemical engineer opportunity for the permanent residency is required for the economic development and growth. To have a better living the young generation applies for migration and focus on building better growth. To stay as a permanent resident if a candidate has the qualification of the chemical engineer then the candidate can migrate under the ANZSCO unit 233111.

The skilled workers in Australia are required in Australia to perform their tasks and responsibilities independently and so the applicant has to cover up some of the requirements like:

  • The age limit: the applicant who are aged under 45 or 50 years are only allowed to apply and the one who has aged between 20 to 40 years are having points benefit.
  • Language preference: The candidate who has got the knowledge of complete English language are preferred for migration and are also given points for their knowledge of international language which is used mostly in Australia like English.
  • Work experience: Any work experience and skill to work as a chemical engineer is an added advantage and also gives the points which are helpful for migration and getting invitation to work in Australia.
  • Educational detail: As per the norms of Australia the applicant is required to have a graduate degree in respect to the course for which they need to migrate with the professional degree.

As per the Australia PR Immigration Opportunity to 233111 Chemical Engineer a candidate is supposed to

  • Making designs for chemical process and planning to control for removing and separating the components, making chemical changes, fuel evaluation
  • Maintaining the equipment for maximum efficiency with the safe operation
  • Ensure correct materials and equipment that are used and conform to specifications
  • Diagnose the function in chemical plants and institutes for the remedial action
  • Study the product needs and control over the pollution
  • Review the newest products plan and submit material recommendation
  • Planning and making laboratory operator for the development of new materials and procedures to complete the production cost.
  • Making an evaluation of the materials, used in chemical processing like metals, polymers, and cements etc, at the investigation time for specific application of products
  • Implementation of the tests in labs by advising how to come up from the problems.

The candidates who can complete all these mentioned tasks and responsibilities can migrate as a successful candidate.

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Express Entry Canada Procedure and Requirements

Canada Express Entry (EE) is a wonderful program that offers a variety of ways of entering the Maple Leaf country to the qualified and skilled workers. The only prerequisite that system mandates is that the probable applicants should be in a position to prove that they fit into the scenario pretty well. The applicants only need to prove that they fall within the prescribed categories, i.e. they preferably belong to the age group prioritized by the government; have requisite qualifications and exposure in their areas of specializations; and possess appropriate linguistic skills in either of the official languages of the country.

The new skilled migration system embraces all the former federal programs like FSW, FSTP and CEC. Besides these federal schemes, the EE also includes some parts of the PNPs. Although currently only some states, like Nova Scotia, Manitoba, etc., have joined the EE scheme, others are expected to fall in line in days to come.

The new Canada Express Entry is altogether different from all its predecessors in many following ways:

  • It does have that minimum qualification mark for the candidates but barely qualifying that parameter does not guarantee sure shot entry into the reckoning. The current edition actually allows the entry of multiple profiles in the pool over the time; these profiles are gauged through the CRS system and then ranked as per the marks attained by them. The CIC in turn, while conducting selection rounds, prioritized short listing of the highest ranking profiles, like, in the previously conducted short listing sessions, the CIC pitched a minimum cut-off mark. The initial rounds selected profiles with scores higher than 800. The cut-off mark has been reduced over the time and the last selection session saw shot listing of people who had scores 453 marks;
  • The system is flight away from the traditional first in first serve principle, and it now relies completely on selection of profiles on the basis of merit. This is also one reason why just crossing only the minimum qualification mark does not help the candidates to a large extent. The system allows the candidates to create and retain their profiles for a period of one year.
  • The applicants eager to relocate to Canada are required to obtain certain documentary evidences, like:
    • Skills assessment based on academic accomplishments. This document can be obtained by furnishing all required details and documentary supportings to WES with relevant evaluation charges. This document has a pivotal part to play in the assessment procedure as it helps the candidates in scoring critical points for academic accomplishments;
    • Language compatibility proof is another vital documentary requirement. You must write an approved language examination, like IELTS for English, and evidence your skills in either of the official languages of the country, i.e. either English or French. The language result reference helps the candidates in scoring points for language;

Although the Canada Express Entry Procedure does not mandate collection of above mentioned documents prior to creation of profiles, it is, however, essential for the candidates to secure these documents before going in for lodging in their profiles on the electronic platform because the system requires the applicants to reference the documents (like WES report and language TRF.

The reference numbers quoted in the profiles should stay same at the time of submission of second set of application, in case the profile is short listed for the permanent residency, because if some discrepancy is observed, the invite for second round is suspended and profile is deleted and in extreme cases, the applicants can be barred from filing applications for a specified number of years.


Express Entry Canada Procedure and Requirements mandate certain necessary steps which an applicant must complete. The new skilled migration system embraces all the former federal programs like FSW, FSTP and CEC. Besides these federal schemes, the EE also includes some parts of the PNPs.

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