Canada Express Entry Frequently Asked Questions–A fleeting Look

In the year 2014, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) envisaged and implemented an exception immigration programme that made historic turnaround in the Canadian immigration. For the very first time, the immigration programme gave only priority to skills for the movement. The programme made headlines with 45,000 immigrations in 2015 with another 4,000 applicants still waiting to be answered over their call. If you want to know something historic, this definitely is the answer.

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UK Runs Many Undemanding Immigration Programmes

The UK does not need an introduction. It consists of four popular states–Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, and Wales. Among the four regions, England is the largest country followed by Scotland.

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Interested in Establishing Business Overseas? Choose Manitoba Provincial Nominee Programme for Business!

Why Canada is slowly and steadily emerging as a hub for immigration, it would not be very difficult to conclude since it has dynamism, better living standards and multiculturalism that almost makes it a place to resonate the highest when it comes to immigration.

If you are a skilled worker or a businessmen or a very self-motivated entrepreneur, you will always feel that you have come to the right place where your investments would recoil manifolds, and make you earn the return on the investments in the best way.

If you are looking for the right market, Manitoba, the largest province in Canada, has lot to offer. Manitoba Provincial Nominee Programme (MPNP) for Business is the best gateway that you can adopt to make the most from your business.

So, if you are looking forward towards getting the complete grasp of it, take a brief virtual tour into this piece and satiate yourself in the best way regarding the MPNP for Business.

Manitoba has a population of 1.259 million and this provides a ready market for the folks for investment. So, if you are going for Manitoba, some of the basic advantages–like multicultural prevalence, ready market and dynamic trends–would always help you make the maximum from the investments that you are looking forward to take in this province.

The eligibility under the scheme is decided by the Canada-Manitoba provincial agreement. For complying with the immigration, the applicant has to adhere to the statutory business compliance that has been set forward by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) in tandem with the Manitoba-Canada provincial agreement.

Manitoba Provincial Nomine Programme for Business—Major Requirements

If you are looking forward to the MPNP for Business, you must meet with the statutory business requirements, and make sure that they are fulfilled to the best essence for ensuring that you are able to move without any trouble whatsoever.

  • You should have a net worth standing at C$3,50,000
  • You should also possess requisite experience in the business realm, and that should not be less than 3 years, and your business should be highly successful and profit making proposition. You would be asked to show the statement of accounts and balance sheet to make the authorities believe that you are the right person eligible for the movement.
  • There is also an Adaptability Assessment Matrix and that would be the decider for the immigration. This matrix assesses the applicant based on the age, business knowledge, business experience, net worth and language proficiency. And, you would be required to score at least 60 points for ensuring that you are able to move without any trouble.

Hence, if you are looking forward towards establishing your business in the Manitoba province, it is of utmost importance that you are able to get the requirements met in the first place for movement.

Summary: If you are looking forward to setting up your business in Manitoba, you can do so through the Manitoba Provincial Nomine Programme for Business. Take a look at this piece and get a grasp of everything in the best manner.

Investor & Business Immigration Programs for Immigrants

There is a whole lot of attractive entrepreneur and investment migration scheme waiting all the across the globe for the willing migrants who are ready to shift – with their expertise and investible funds – to their desired destinations. All the locations – already famed for their potential and emerging – have appreciated the importance of importing entrepreneurial expertise and funds by offering residential permits in lieu of the investments.

This route is deemed to be loaded with multiple advantages as the countries inviting people from other parts of world as Investors Or Business owners do not have to go for expensive loans to revitalize the sagging or budding economies. The people entering the countries also carry several promises of creating and generating commercial activity for the economy and employment for the local inhabitants.

The already influential economies like Australia, Canada, Denmark, Hong Kong, Singapore, United Kingdom and United States of America, etc. are seeking to invite immigrants to rejuvenate and enhance competitiveness of their economies in the new environment created by emergence of new competitors in form of Chinese and surging Indian economies.

The competition seems to be getting harder with emergence of new locations all across Europe; most of the new locations are either members of European Union – Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland -, or are nestled in very strategic locations –Armenia, etc. These nations have become competitors to the already prosperous countries; and are trying their level best to attract as many immigrants as possible.

Locations like Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, the UK and the USA are seeking Investors And Business owners who have a high net worth and carry appropriate exposure of running businesses and managing investments; and are willing to relocate with their expertise of running commercial activities and investible funds.

These locations are offering attractive Investor & Business Immigration Programs To Immigrants, like

  • Australia is offering permanent residency – through section 132; and temporary residency – through section 188 to the qualified applicants;
  • Canada is also running a two tier scheme for the entrepreneurs and investors; federal – entrepreneur and investor startup visa; and provincial initiatives. Most of these completely revamped schemes are offering permanent residency to the qualified applicants;
  • Hong Kong has always been an attraction for the migrants at the global level; under the current conditions, the authorities are inviting business owners with relevant exposure – in managing businesses – and an intent of establishing commercially viable activities in the HKSAR;
  • Singapore is offering renewable entre pass permit to the willing business owners.
  • United Kingdom has laid tier 1 Investors and Entrepreneur schemes at the disposal of the people willing to enter the country and start their own commercial enterprises or park funds in the designated venues. The entry visa being offered is renewable which eventually can lead to grant of permission to reside in the country for an indefinite period;
  • The government of United States of America has designed comprehensive scheme – EB 5 – to attract immigrants ready to establish commercial enterprise in the country or plough in designated amount of funds. The scheme results in grant of a conditional Green Card.

Various new emerging locations in Europe– Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland – have also opened up their gates for the investors and entrepreneurs through Investor & Business Immigration Programs. These countries are members of European Union and Schengen Treaty. Entry into these countries opens up a wide range of opportunities for the immigrants as they can access EU markets and also travel through Europe without needing special visa.

Armenia is also hosting a wonderful Investor & Business Immigration Program for Immigrants which are waiting to be availed by the people from across the world.

If you are interested, please drop your resume – or Fill out free assessment form

Immigrating Via Latvia Temporary Resident Permit LTRP? What You Need To Know!

Latvia unfolds newer and more optimistic realms for both skilled workers and business enthusiasts. So, if you are looking forward to moving to the European continent, you will truly find Latvia to outdo all other competitors in the list.
This country enthusiastically invests in the human resources, and if you are ending up here, not only you will have a better access to education and healthcare, but also you will find a truly vibrant and atmosphere that would always keep you motivated.
In case you are looking for Latvia, Temporary Residence Permit or LTRP is one of the various ways that can be employed for facilitating instant movement.
It is an excellent gateway that has been helping immigrant to live their dream of living in the Baltic nation. So, you can also exploit this gateway and make the most from this dynamic country.
If you get the Latvia temporary residence permit LTRP, you will be hurled with a lot of benefits. Take a look at some of them that would definitely captivate you to vouch for this visa. The moment you have got the TRP for movement, you will get free entry to all Baltic and Schengen countries.
Owing to the Schengen treaty, you will get access to travel to 26 countries without any visa. At the same time, there is one more realm that opens when you get the Latvia Temporary Residence Permit LTRP. You will be held eligible to content for Permanent Residency (PR). There are also multiple admission rights that would accrue to your name the moment you shift to the nation under the LTRP Programme.
The best way that you can resort to for getting Latvia TRP is by going for a colossal investment. You can look forward to Limited Liability Company or Joint Stock Company that you can open to help you get the Latvia immigration visa. In the first place, the amount of investment will stand at a pegging EUR 36,000. This investment would solely be meant for establishing a new company.
The TRP is meant for 5 years and within this time period, you cannot sale the properties or reduce the amount of investment. Every year, there is also provision to apply for an extension, and it will be granted for one full year.
But you must, in all probability, meet with the basic dynamics that determine the extension, and in those dynamics the additional investment will find the top position. You will have to EUR 1, 43,000 to get an extension of one full year in the country.
At the same time, it is extremely mandatory to employ at least 15 employees in your enterprise. If you fail to meet with this, you will be solely responsible for the consequences that would accrue to your name.
So, if you are using the Latvian Temporary Residence Permit, you must keep these things in mind for a better stay.
Summary: If you are immigrating to Latvia through Temporary Residence Permit, you must keep note of some things for streamlining the stay.


Lithuania Temporary Residence Visa—Benefits, Process

Lithuania Temporary Residence Visa, also known as Lithuania Temporary Residence Permit (TRP), refers to a legal document issued to a non European citizen. This means the visa holder has a right to live and work in the country for a fixed period of time.

Lithuania Temporary Residence Visa—Benefits, Process

At the start, the visa is issued for a fixed period of one year, though it may also be issued for a shorter period. It can be issued for five years subject to those who are of Lithuanian descent and who have successfully retained the citizenship of the nation.

The candidate is free to choose place of residence of his choice, and i travel within and abroad as per his specific convenience till the time the visa is valid. However, while changing the place of abode, the candidate must notify to the Migration Services of a public police division at a territorial police agency. The candidate should also not forget to declare his departure from the country exceeding the time period of more than six months.

Lithuania Temporary Residence Visa—Major Benefits

Some of the benefits enjoyed by the candidate upon receiving the Lithuania Temporary Residence Visa are:

  1. He can enjoy hassle free as well as visa free travel to Schengen states and the European Union (EU).
  2. He can travel abroad any number of times.
  3. He has a right to live and work in the nation.
  4. The applicant can easily obtain a visa to countries like Canada, the US, Australia, and the UK.
  5. He becomes eligible to purchase a car in his own name.
  6. He has a right to procure realty in the country.
  7. He can establish your own company.
  8. He enjoys many social benefits as par with its citizens, except the right to vote.

The easiest and the smoothest way to acquire Lithuania Temporary Residence Visa is through business immigration – starting one’s own company. For that the aspirant should have a strong business plan and an ability to employ at least three Lithuanian citizens, although Student Visa also falls under the same category.

Candidates, who wish to study in the country, may apply for the Student Visa. For students, Lithuanian residency is valid till the time his course of study is on. The candidate has to submit an application to get a visa ‘D’ which permits him to travel to Scandinavian states for a minimum of three months during the six months.

Lithuania Temporary Residence Visa—Major Requirements for Students

With a view to get the visa student should provide these certificates/papers:

  1. A petition of the specified from to issue/substitute TRP.
  2. A legitimate travel certificate/paper (passport).
  3. Suitable Schengen visa or national permit unless a permit-free rule is applicable, when filing a petition for the TRP while already physically present in the Baltic nation.
  4. TRP while it is being swapped.

Family Unification

Besides, temporary visa can also be acquired on the basis of family unification. Prospective immigrants, who wish to work in the country, may apply under the category. It is straight forward route ensuring 100% success.

Lithuania Temporary Residence Visa Process

In order to acquire the temporary residence permit the candidate has to submit a visa application either at the Republic of Lithuania. He can also submit his application to the diplomatic mission. Candidates already living in the country can submit an application at the nearest migration services.

The application visa processing time is six months, and if one has any doubts regarding the visa application, he can simply visit a migration center and get his doubts clear. It is important to note that the approval of temporary visa does not give a right to live in the country without a valid visa or to exceed the time period.

Once the holder’s visa expires or is about to expire, he should get in touch with the Migration Services. He may lose a chance to obtain a fresh visa if he does not present an application for it well on time.

Summary: Lithuania Temporary Residence Visa comes with many advantages. Initially, a visa is issued for a one year. It may be issued for a short duration also depending on one’s application. However, it’s subject to further extension. One may acquire Temporary Residence Visa if he wishes to study, start his own company.


Canada Express Entry Eligibility Point

The people who are looking for high quality of life, Canada has be a very promising option for you. They should just apply for the Canada Express Entry. This option had come into effect only from 1st January, 2015. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada has launched the Canada Express Entry Visa. The CIC functions in such a way that it forms a new system that runs smoothly and in an effective manner.

Canada Express Entry Programs
Canada Express Entry Programs

The Electronic System of the Express Entry meets the present as well as the future demands of the labour of Canada. It paves way for a free growth of the economy. The Canadian Immigration authority tackles the loads of applications and it comes from the Canadian visa under the Federal Skilled Worker Visa Programs.

The Canada Express Entry Eligibility Point has three programs under the Federal Skilled Work Visa. They are the Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trader Program and the Canadian Experience Class category. All the programs have a distinct feature of it and different programs find different programs good.
There are two basic steps of the Canada Express Entry Program 2015. They are:

  • All the aspirants who qualify can submit an online Express Entry Profile. They need to provide with correct information regarding education, family, financial resources, etc.
  • Once the employer selects a person, he will get an ITA invitation for applying permanent residency. The CIC then invites the aspirants to apply for PR within a period of six months.

There are various provisions and eligibility criteria under the Canada Express Entry Program 2015 and it analyses, evaluates and allows or disallows applications for those who work in Canada. All the candidates who have right skills can travel anywhere in Canada. Under the express entry visa, you can fill in the gap that helps you to select right candidates.

There are different Canadian Provinces and Territories and you can also avail the Express Entry Program for any Provincial Nominee Program that can fill gaps in the local employment market. The employers open up opportunities for various skills in different Canadian Province and Territories. Different rules are applicable for different positions.

The Immigration Authority gives decision on these applications within a period of six months. All the candidates can apply for the Permanent Residency of Canada only by following any of these four programs – Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trader Program, Canadian Experience Class and the Portion of Provincial Nominee Program.

All the candidates who do not hear from the CIC for a period of 12 months should resubmit their application form if they are eligible in all ways. The Canada Express Entry Visa Program is highly efficient and beneficial for all the stakeholders. So, if you are planning to migrate than Canada is the best choice.

Canada Express Entry EligibilityPoint provides scores according to the job offers that a Canadian employer or Province and Territories are more likely to get. High marks are given in the Point System on priority basis to those who deserve. The applicants need to carry all the documents for supporting the application.