Hong Kong immigration QMAS scheme for academic research and education

With the passage of time immigration has become popular and the high per capita income of Hong Kong invites a number of skilled candidates across the globe. The skilled candidates get better employment opportunities and serve for the Hong Kong economy where they get a chance to live with wide opportunities to learn and stay in good infrastructure. The high earning opportunity is available in Hong Kong by which the opportunity to have a better living and grow in a career is increased.

With a unique scheme QMAS of migration the Hong Kong welcomes the candidates to migrate successfully and the top immigration consultancy guides the candidates on how to migrate and apply for the visa. The immigration agents have got the top and updated requirement list relating to the available opportunities and job in the Hong Kong for the migrants. For making a successful immigration the Hong Kong immigration QMAS scheme for academic research and education has set some of the minimum criteria for migration, the point based system is applicable under this immigration scheme. The list of available opportunities keeps on updating and the top consultancy or the immigration agents make the candidates aware about the same.

Hong Kong immigration QMAS scheme for academic research and education

The candidates who need to migrate to Hong Kong as an academic research and education has to fulfill few criteria of migration, of which the eligibility criteria, these criteria are set as per the norms of QMAS and are:

  • The candidate must be aged at least above 18 years
  • The candidate must have got enough money for survival
  • The candidate must have no old records relating to the crime
  • The candidate must be well talented to write and speak Chinese and English languages
  • The candidate must hold a good academic background
  • The candidate must hold an undergraduate degree from any recognized university or famous educational institute
  • The candidate, if have a professional experience it is an added advantage
  • The candidate must pass all the minimum qualification points in order to proceed for migration to Hong Kong

The following are the prepared list of occupations available for immigration in Hong Kong under the quality migrant admission scheme.

  • QMAS Scheme Academic Research and Education
  • QMAS Scheme Architecture, Surveying, Engineering and Construction
  • QMAS Scheme Arts and Culture
  • QMAS Scheme Broadcasting and Entertainment
  • QMAS Scheme Business Support and Human Resources
  • QMAS Scheme Catering and Tourism
  • QMAS Scheme Commerce and Trade
  • QMAS Scheme Financial and Accounting Services
  • QMAS Scheme Human Health and Veterinary Services
  • QMAS Scheme Information Technology and Telecommunications
  • QMAS Scheme Legal Services
  • QMAS Scheme Logistics and Transportation
  • QMAS Scheme Manufacturing Industries
  • QMAS Scheme Sports
  • If individuals’ occupation or profession matches to one of the mentioned categories, then they can look for the opportunities in Hong Kong under Hong Kong QMAS.


Hong Kong is placed in the Asia and it has a standard economy that welcomes the candidates from all the nations. It has got better opportunities of employment and growth with higher income and a golden future. It is, immigration is based on the QMAS scheme i.e on the point basis.

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Immigration to Hong Kong For Non-Residents (Family Members)

Hong Kong is one of most successful economies of Asia. Every year the immigration department of the city receives an increasing number of applications for immigration. You have numerous options available to immigrate to this city with varying eligibility requirements.

Hong Kong is located in the heart of the continent of Asia. Due to its geological positioning, the city is a natural haven and has a free market financial system.These reasons make it a centre of international business, trade and finance. In addition, the city’s tax system, supporting stability and business benefits make it to be a rising star of the world financial system.

For those who want to work in Hong Kong, different visa programs are provided in which Quality Migrant Admission Scheme is one successful program that supports the non-residents (family members) to immigrate to Hong Kong. It is theapplicant system intended to draw highly qualified and able persons who wish to stay in Hong Kong.

Varied HongKong visas will be given by renowned consultants under several schemes.

  • Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Program is less constrained under which, an aspirant can immigrate to Hong Kong.
  • The visa holder is entitled for best visa services.
  • An applicant can stay in the country for one year under QMAS program.
  • With the aim of gainingVisas, applicant must lodge the application.

Under this plan, successful applicants can bring their children having age below 18 years or spouse with them to HongKong. It welcomes non resident who want to meet their family members as well as work in this city. One main service among visa services is an applicant should not have any job offer for immigrating.


Applicants should meet basic eligibility criteria to migrate to HongKong with the guidance of Hong Kong Immigration Consultants.

  • Age of applicant must be minimum or above 18 years of age, have togive proof of age to HongKong Immigration consultants before lodging the request
  • Applicant should be a degree holder from a renowned university. Every now and then, high technical qualifications can be considered
  • Applicant should not posses any criminal record
  • He/she must be proficient in Chinese or English languages in terms of writing and speaking
  • The applicant should be able to show that he/she is able of offering lodgings to himself/herself and to other half or children with own monetary expenses

An experienced immigration expert will carry out all the details regarding Immigration to Hong Kong for Non-Residents (Family Members). They will help you in a systematic way to ensure that each and every point of application is completed faultlessly leaving no signs for any errors and mistakes at a later stage.

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