Canada Immigration Good Option For Skilled Engineering Managers

Are you a practicing Engineering Manager, and eager to live and work in the ‘Maple Leaf Country’? If your answer is ‘yes’, then you will be extremely delighted to know that you are officially wanted in your dream country at present.

Currently, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is accepting applications under the Express Entry System from foreign trained Engineering Managers with suitable education, experience and skills to live and work in the country. Those applicants, with a strong desire to permanently settle in the country, are encouraged the most.
Also known, as the ‘Land of Milk and Honey’, the nation is growing at a fast pace. Thus, it requires many skilled workers to be placed in different industries and Engineering Managers are just one of them.
Now let’s throw some light on their profile and job prospects!
The 0211 is the official code for such professionals listed in the National Occupation List (NOL), and if you successfully meet the criteria set by the CIC, then you can easily move to the immigrants’ paradise, by expressing your interest using the Express Entry System.
Canada Immigration For Engineering Managers
It is a popular choice of career. Such professionals are responsible for planning, controlling, and organizing. They also evaluate the activities of engineering department or firms. The services of such professionals are largely required by both public and private sectors. They are also hired by engineering consulting firms and scientific research companies.
In Canada, they often work under various titles, such as engineering department manager, production engineering manager, electrical engineering service manager, manager, telecommunications engineering service, director, engineering research and development and many more.
Major Responsibilities
Following are some of the responsibilities performed by Engineering Managers after Canada Immigration. They plan, direct, keep an eye on, and control the operational and other activities of engineering department or firm. They also build up and execute policies, set standards and procedures for the technical and engineering department.
They play an important role, when it comes to consulting and negotiating with clients. As per their requirements, they prepare specifications, write and present proposal and draft reports. They also work as an active participant while designing, participating, designing and inspecting the engineering and technical missions.
Through their expertise and experience, they provide their valuable inputs while recruiting staff, and assign and review their work activities.
Job Prospects, Wages
Job prospects of such professionals are extremely bright in Canada. As an Engineering Manager, their future in the Maple Leaf Country is completely secure. They can look forward to getting lucrative pay packages in the nation. At any given time, such professionals may easily join the Canadian thriving economy with the pay package which may exceed CAD $ 1, 42,000.
Hence it is right to say that the prospects of such professionals are extremely positive and progressive. You just have to grab the opportunity by hiring an immigration expert who will make your immigration journey smooth, and provide you complete assistance while processing your visa application.

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