Business And Investors Programs in Canada

The sole objective behind Canadian government’s initiative to invite immigrants ready to establish their own commercial enterprise and part investments in designated venues in the country is to bolster the economic performance of the country. The Maple leaf country stands on a verge of yet another lift-off where the economy could achieve competitive edge over its nearest rivals and stand up to the competition posed by the emerging rivals.

Express Entry ProgramsCanadian government has always welcomed those immigrants – Investors or Business oriented people with managerial knowhow and exposure in running businesses and managing investments – from other parts of the globewho are capable of making sizeable contributions to the progress and productivity of the country’s economy. The people moving in with their plans of making investments or establishing commercial activities in the country often carry valuable global contacts and networks with them.

But in a way, Canadian Business and Investors immigration schemes are also a faster way of gaining permanent entry into the country. This country offers several progressive venues and sectors where one can invest money and gain enormous success and prosperity. The individuals seeking entry into the country through the business and investment programs can use the current migration schemes to their advantage.

The Business and Investors Programs of Canada are offered to the interested applicants through the federal and provincial schemes. Both the schemes have their own individual eligibility parameters and formats. The interested immigrants must necessarily pursue and explore all the possibilities to ensure that they get the correct information, though seeking expert assistance to get knowledge on the format of the scheme and file the requests would be highly beneficial and time saving decision.

The Canadian government has suspended all the erstwhile Canada Business and Investor Programs at federal level and launched new schemes in place of old ones. The new schemes are a true reflection of pragmatic approach of the authorities. The new schemes are enumerated as following:

  • Entrepreneur Start-Up Visa: this scheme has been launched to target immigrant entrepreneurs who have the requisite exposure in managing businesses and have some outstanding plans to set-up commercial activities in the country with funding and assistance of designated Canadian investment agencies. The scheme requires the applicants to present a business print that proves commercial viability of their planned project;
  • Immigrant Investor Venture Capital (IIVC) Pilot Program: the individuals targeted under this scheme should have a net worth in tune of $10 million; and must be having access to making an investment of at least CAD2 million in non-guaranteed venues for a period of more than 15 years;
  • Self-Employed Persons scheme: this scheme intends to invite those people who can substantiate their ability to sustain themselves in the country on their own as a farmer, athlete, or artisan.

The people not finding these schemes suitable for themselves can explore the Canada Business and Investors provincial nomination schemes. These schemes are run by the governments of the various Canadian states and territories. Currently, following states are running their independent schemes for entrepreneurs and investors:

  • Manitoba
  • Saskatchewan
  • British Columbia
  • PEI – Prince Edwards Island
  • Ontario
  • Northwest Territories
  • Yukon

All of these Canada Business and Investors Programs offer permanent residence to the qualifying candidates. These schemes though have their specific investment and other criteria. The people intending to shift to these provinces must make some minimum investments – besides depositing some money as a part of security towards performance agreement. Some states and territories also mandate involvement of the immigrants in day to day management of the concerns they establish.

Besides these states Quebec also offers attractive Business And Investors Programs in Canada with permanent residence.


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