Poland Immigration Services, inviting immigrant investors

What would it be like if you as an investor – who is looking for a chance to move to a lucrative destination through investments – get an opportunity that doesn’t cost too much a dime and yet promises an entry into your favorite destination in European Union – and that also at an offer that does not have a parallel match in the contemporary times? I think it would be like a dream come true and you would be raring to make a go for such an offer.


Poland is one such location that is inviting immigrant investors through its fabulous business migration policy; and is offering an entry permit into the country that holds lots of promises for the new entrants. It is a known fact that the polish economy is growing faster than any other comparable location in the Europe. Today, it has emerged as a very strong economy

The government is deeply committed to transforming the polish economy from being a centrally planned economic system to a free market set-up. Private enterprise is being encouraged in every walk of life and industry; and till date, numerous SMEs have witnessed change of hands from government ownership to private enterprise. The restructuring of ownership is followed up and supported by introduction of liberal economic policies – that are off course in line with EU statutes.

There is more to the Polish economy which can be easily termed as its strong points, like:

  • Today, Poland is known for its strong domestic market – that fuels consumerist economy;
  • Itscurrency is flexible – that is yet to be integrated with Euro which allows this nation to enjoy many direct and indirect benefits
  • Severalforeign giants are opening up their offices and facilities here;
  • Polish economy is also fuelled by an ever expanding export sector – thatinvolves outwards movement of high end and technical merchandise, engineering goods, aircrafts, helicopters, and pharmaceutical products, etc.;
  • The country – thatresiliently survived the economic crisis scare of 2009 – isright on radar of ICFI (strategic foreign investors) and investment banking institutions that are lured by the growing strongly economy of this country. It is expected that it is going to shed off its ‘emerging economy’ tag pretty soon;
  • Manufacturing sector in this country churns out high-tech produce in form of manufacturing sector producing electronics, cars, buses, helicopters, transport equipment, locomotives, planes, ships, military engineering (including tanks, SPAAG systems), pharmaceutical products, chemical products, etc.;
  • The government is investing huge amount in restructuring and modernizing infrastructure – currently catered by waterways, road, railways and airways. The telecommunication infrastructure is also well developed and as per contemporary global standards.

Polish government is quite positive about developing the economy and providing it necessary boost. Inviting immigrant investors from non EU countries through business Immigration to Poland is one of such initiatives. This awesome offer is available for the immigrant investors at a meager amount of 50000 Zloty – approx. USD $14000.

You, as an investor, can avail the great opportunity of residing and working right in the heart of European Union; and enjoying a visa free travel through the Schengen zone by applying for and obtaining temporary residence permit through business Immigration of Poland. The migration process under this category is quite fast, and it takes barely 3 months to obtain the Polish TRC if you have the right experts to provide you professional and objective Poland Immigration Services.

You can approach us for reliable and expert Poland Immigration Services. We can help you at every step and phase of application process connected to the Polish TRC on the basis of investments and business.


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