Immigration to Australia in 2015—Very Good Choice

Frankly speaking, it’s hard to ignore Australia, especially when Europe is going through such turbulent times. Though Europe still is a rather hot immigration destination, the attention of a large number of prospective immigrants have shifted to other countries, and ‘Oz’ is one of the most popular destinations in their scheme of things now, and why not?

It is a very developed nation and offers the finest business, investment and job opportunities to those who wish to make it big on the global stage. Its well-known cities, Sydney and Melbourne, proffer a life not seen anywhere in the world. Besides, the nation is famous for many other reasons. For example, if you are in love with nature, then you will certainly like to explore the Kakadu National Park and the Daintree Rainforest.

Even before you reach the country, it guarantees you high standard of living, immigrants-friendly ambiance and better career prospects. For a potential applicant, the country is ideal to explore their skills and successfully live their passion. No wonder, every year, a large number of people, from different parts of the world, flock to the country to join the local workforce and do well in their life.

If on the basis of these or some factors, the overseas hotspot attracts you, and you wish to relocate to it, then you are certainly on the right page, as this article will give you useful and relevant information on Australia Immigration 2015. You are welcome to use the same to move to the nation in a planned and successful way.


For skilled workers with high overseas immigration ambitions, it is relatively easy to immigrate via SkillSelect. In order to meet with the growing demand of trained manpower across the country, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), the concerned visa and immigration organization, streamlines the immigration process of skilled workers.

It was introduced to manage the Australian immigration and visa programmes. Much like the well-known Canada Express Entry System, SkillSelect is also essentially an online point based system, and especially designed considering the demand of the local labor market.

Australia Immigration 2015

Apart from offering great opportunities to skilled workers, the country offers vast opportunities to people from different backgrounds, educational qualifications, age, experience and region. You can easily choose the route that suits your need the best.

Australia Immigration–What Options You Have?

  • In order to attract foreign investors, certain provisions are made especially for those who show keen interest in investing in the country.
  • Today’s young generation is impulsive, and it wishes to get everything instantly. The Working Holiday Visa is especially designed for such impulsive youth. It allows the citizens of the various participating nations to financially support themselves while they enjoy some good time with their friends and family in ‘Oz’.
  • The ‘Land of Kangaroos’ is famous for its education institutions. Students who desire to purse higher education may submit an application for Student Visa, and once they have completed their education, they may shift the visa category.
  • If the economy of certain province/territory impresses you, and you wish to make it your second home, then you may present an application for Regional Visa.
  • Apart, skilled workers below the age of 45, with fluency in English Language are most welcome to submit a petition any time of the year using SkillSelect.

Since the country is a hot immigration destination, you should not waste a second extra. Chances are the queue will get longer. The first and foremost thing that you should do is to get your assessment done just to check if you fall under the eligibility criteria.

The only way to immigrate to ‘Oz’ is get invited which is not at all an easy task. Your age, language proficiency, work experience, skills, education qualification, and health will play a vital role in determining your destiny.


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