Investor & Business Immigration Programs for Immigrants

There is a whole lot of attractive entrepreneur and investment migration scheme waiting all the across the globe for the willing migrants who are ready to shift – with their expertise and investible funds – to their desired destinations. All the locations – already famed for their potential and emerging – have appreciated the importance of importing entrepreneurial expertise and funds by offering residential permits in lieu of the investments.

This route is deemed to be loaded with multiple advantages as the countries inviting people from other parts of world as Investors Or Business owners do not have to go for expensive loans to revitalize the sagging or budding economies. The people entering the countries also carry several promises of creating and generating commercial activity for the economy and employment for the local inhabitants.

The already influential economies like Australia, Canada, Denmark, Hong Kong, Singapore, United Kingdom and United States of America, etc. are seeking to invite immigrants to rejuvenate and enhance competitiveness of their economies in the new environment created by emergence of new competitors in form of Chinese and surging Indian economies.

The competition seems to be getting harder with emergence of new locations all across Europe; most of the new locations are either members of European Union – Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland -, or are nestled in very strategic locations –Armenia, etc. These nations have become competitors to the already prosperous countries; and are trying their level best to attract as many immigrants as possible.

Locations like Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, the UK and the USA are seeking Investors And Business owners who have a high net worth and carry appropriate exposure of running businesses and managing investments; and are willing to relocate with their expertise of running commercial activities and investible funds.

These locations are offering attractive Investor & Business Immigration Programs To Immigrants, like

  • Australia is offering permanent residency – through section 132; and temporary residency – through section 188 to the qualified applicants;
  • Canada is also running a two tier scheme for the entrepreneurs and investors; federal – entrepreneur and investor startup visa; and provincial initiatives. Most of these completely revamped schemes are offering permanent residency to the qualified applicants;
  • Hong Kong has always been an attraction for the migrants at the global level; under the current conditions, the authorities are inviting business owners with relevant exposure – in managing businesses – and an intent of establishing commercially viable activities in the HKSAR;
  • Singapore is offering renewable entre pass permit to the willing business owners.
  • United Kingdom has laid tier 1 Investors and Entrepreneur schemes at the disposal of the people willing to enter the country and start their own commercial enterprises or park funds in the designated venues. The entry visa being offered is renewable which eventually can lead to grant of permission to reside in the country for an indefinite period;
  • The government of United States of America has designed comprehensive scheme – EB 5 – to attract immigrants ready to establish commercial enterprise in the country or plough in designated amount of funds. The scheme results in grant of a conditional Green Card.

Various new emerging locations in Europe– Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland – have also opened up their gates for the investors and entrepreneurs through Investor & Business Immigration Programs. These countries are members of European Union and Schengen Treaty. Entry into these countries opens up a wide range of opportunities for the immigrants as they can access EU markets and also travel through Europe without needing special visa.

Armenia is also hosting a wonderful Investor & Business Immigration Program for Immigrants which are waiting to be availed by the people from across the world.

If you are interested, please drop your resume – or Fill out free assessment form


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