Australia Business Programs

Australia has an investor and business program which is made under the sub class 188it is immense for the applicants who looks for migrating to Australia as a business person. To migrate under this category the applicant holds a visa which is valid for duration of 4 years.The migrant must be nominated by at least one – state or a territory government for making business/ investment in Australia.

In addition to application as a business and investment investor a migrant can also apply as a permanent resident and make the business innovation, from the issued date the valid 4 years visa can be extended for 2 years more. This visa has 3 categories A, B, C and these visas is issued to the participants who are selected for immigration by the Australian Government.

Under the Australian business programthe person over the last 4 working years the applicant must have a turnover of at least 500,000 AUD with an asset of 800,000 AUD. Under the subclass 188 the asset of 1.5 million AUD must be held by the applicant. Along with it proper management skill and eligibility to have 10% business interest, Stocks or bonds, bullion and Loan, Real estate must be with the participant.

To apply for migration under the available business program of Australia the migrant have to fulfill few criteria’sthey are:

  • According to the available skill set the migrant must have an application of invitation.
  • The age must not exceed from 55 years
  • Participant must be a successful business person and have experience.
  • 65 points is the minimum marks that applicant must score

Migrating under the 188 category of Australia as a business and investor is typical and needs proper business consultation by the help of a migration agent. They give an appropriate guidance and let the participant know about the eligibility of the migration scheme as large number of foreigners immigrates because of provided immigration benefits.

Australia business and investment program is affordable and does not need invest in large amount so;it is referred as one of the perfect destination for making business investment.It is a perfect visa that helps to set a new business or make an investment to the existing one in Australia.The participant gets free to travel with help of this visa and can also bring its family to enjoy PR.

The applicant who is interested to apply for migration has to submit an EOI and then they get an invitation were 60 days are provided for making an application to the visa. If an applicant skips to apply on invitation then they need not make the interest of application again and can check there status. The Government of Australia can nominate again if the applicant is interested for migration under 188.

For application under the Australian business programa valid passport and visa as a permit document is required. To have a visa, holding a passport is essential and if visa is issued previous to passport then complete detail of passport need to be enclosed in front of the officer. Thus a migrant can migrate successfully to Australia.

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