Canada Express Entry Eligibility Point

The people who are looking for high quality of life, Canada has be a very promising option for you. They should just apply for the Canada Express Entry. This option had come into effect only from 1st January, 2015. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada has launched the Canada Express Entry Visa. The CIC functions in such a way that it forms a new system that runs smoothly and in an effective manner.

Canada Express Entry Programs
Canada Express Entry Programs

The Electronic System of the Express Entry meets the present as well as the future demands of the labour of Canada. It paves way for a free growth of the economy. The Canadian Immigration authority tackles the loads of applications and it comes from the Canadian visa under the Federal Skilled Worker Visa Programs.

The Canada Express Entry Eligibility Point has three programs under the Federal Skilled Work Visa. They are the Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trader Program and the Canadian Experience Class category. All the programs have a distinct feature of it and different programs find different programs good.
There are two basic steps of the Canada Express Entry Program 2015. They are:

  • All the aspirants who qualify can submit an online Express Entry Profile. They need to provide with correct information regarding education, family, financial resources, etc.
  • Once the employer selects a person, he will get an ITA invitation for applying permanent residency. The CIC then invites the aspirants to apply for PR within a period of six months.

There are various provisions and eligibility criteria under the Canada Express Entry Program 2015 and it analyses, evaluates and allows or disallows applications for those who work in Canada. All the candidates who have right skills can travel anywhere in Canada. Under the express entry visa, you can fill in the gap that helps you to select right candidates.

There are different Canadian Provinces and Territories and you can also avail the Express Entry Program for any Provincial Nominee Program that can fill gaps in the local employment market. The employers open up opportunities for various skills in different Canadian Province and Territories. Different rules are applicable for different positions.

The Immigration Authority gives decision on these applications within a period of six months. All the candidates can apply for the Permanent Residency of Canada only by following any of these four programs – Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trader Program, Canadian Experience Class and the Portion of Provincial Nominee Program.

All the candidates who do not hear from the CIC for a period of 12 months should resubmit their application form if they are eligible in all ways. The Canada Express Entry Visa Program is highly efficient and beneficial for all the stakeholders. So, if you are planning to migrate than Canada is the best choice.

Canada Express Entry EligibilityPoint provides scores according to the job offers that a Canadian employer or Province and Territories are more likely to get. High marks are given in the Point System on priority basis to those who deserve. The applicants need to carry all the documents for supporting the application.


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