Does Lithuania Immigration Encourage You?

Before you migrate to Lithuania question yourself why you wish to migrate to Lithuania? The country is relatively small. It was occupied twice, once by the Soviet Union and second time by the Nazi Germany. The Baltic country is the very first soviet republic to be self declared as independent.

The beautiful European country has one of the fastest growing economies in the European Union (EU). Very recently the country adopted Euro as its official currency even as it successfully became the 19th member of the Euro-zone.

In spite of the fact that Lithuania is a relatively smaller nation, and the largest among the three Baltic regions, it continues to attract migrants. These days, a large number of people have been thinking about Lithuania Immigration. The beautiful country is full of bright opportunities, and has been ranked high on the United Nation Human Development Index. No wonder, Lithuania Immigration is fast becoming popular.

The country has given relaxation to the citizens of certain countries, such as the nationals of Canada, Australia and America to n live and works in the country for three months without obtaining a visa, provided they successfully furnish their national Identity Card. Even the citizens of the EU and the Schengen Zone can freely move.

However, if you are one of the Non-European citizens, then you will to undergo long drawn out and complex immigration procedure. If Non-European citizens wish to migrate to Lithuania, they have no option but to strictly abide by the nation’s immigration rules and regulations.

Prospective immigrants should have a valid health insurance policy to provide medical coverage if some medical issue occur later in life. To make sure that the applicants do not miss on something thorough background check up is made and only once the consulate is fully satisfied their visa application is processed further.

All those applicants–who wish to make Lithuania their second home–can migrate once they have successfully met the criteria of the desired category. Prospective immigrants can move to the country depending on their specific needs.

Under any programmes, both permanent and temporary permit can be obtained. However the procedure is tough, lengthy and can be complicated. Additionally, those entering the country with Student Visa become the beneficiary of right to work (part time) which is fixed to 20 hours per week. If the candidate wishes to extend their stay, he can apply for visa extension to the local migration authority.

The country is a haven for those who wish to invest abroad. It encourages foreign investment and provides free business consultancy services to those with a strong business idea. Additionally, the nation provides financial support through providing subsidies to new enterprises. It is also possible to acquire EU Structural fund subsidies.

When it comes to Lithuania Immigration, one should not take a chance. It is advised to consult an expert immigration consultant. It’s better to process the immigration petition safely. A single wrong step and your immigration dreams may die a pre mature death.

Summary: Lithuania Immigration is gaining worldwide popularity even as a large number of people, who dream of settling in Europe, have an eye for Lithuania.


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