Canada Express Entry Occupation List of 2015

NOC, the National Occupation Classification is a list that is prepared every year on the basis of the skill level.

The Canada NOC list 2015 is meant for the individuals who need to migrate to Canada as the Canadian experience class, on the basis of available different levels of skill as listed:

  • Skill type 0 (management occupations)
  • Skill Level A (professional occupations)
  • Skill Level B (technical and trade occupations)
  • Skill Level C (Intermediate jobs)
  • Skill Level D (Labor jobs)

These different skill levels are made according to the work need to be performed by the candidate who migrates for qualified jobs in a specific area of occupation choosing their profession.

Management occupations- Skill Level 0 (Zero)

This is the first category of migration to Canada, where the candidates who is indulged in the activity of management needs to apply. It is a qualified occupational job which is measured as the one of finest position, having an organized work area as per the need of the Canadian organization. A management post is mainly high level professional post which involves the responsibility of the accountability and expertise in the particular subject.

In an organization the main task is taking decisions which regulates a complete organization so, the section of a candidate as Manager for Canadian economy needs some requirements that has to be completed during the selection process. It includes minimum educational degree, languages, skills and working experience. These requirements fall under the NOC, criteria of selecting a candidate for migration to Canada.

Professional occupations- Skill Level A

It is the next category of immigration, which includes all the professional candidates who are engaged in the occupation like a physician, engineer, pharmacist and many more who has a compulsory need of the bachelor’s degree in University.

Technical and trade occupations- Skill Level B

These occupations generally require qualified degree that is having around 3 to 4 years bachelors program and further high qualified masters, the training of job can also be amended for 5 years if there is no satisfactory qualification or educational and work experience held by the candidate. Any work experience in the related field can be beneficial.

Intermediate Jobs- Skill Level C

To earn the daily living the candidate who are intermediates and are involved in the small activities needs to apply under this level. Some of them are like food server, butcher, truck driver etc. for immigrating the applicant need to go an on the job training in Canada and have a minimum high school qualification.

Labor Jobs- Skill Level D

This group is implemented for the labor class peoples like cleaning staff, fruit pickers and oil field workers, etc. Further, it also includes a compulsory on the job training.

Since there are a lakhs of occupation and job opportunity open every year with the Canada the NOC has made the classification for perfect and easy immigration on the basis of the job and responsibilities.

Now have a successful immigration to Canada choosing the skill. The immigration agents are the perfect solution for migration.


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