Immigration of Canada Express Entry Program 2015

2015 has been a fabulous year, as far as the migrants waiting to immigrate to Canada From India are concerned, for the Canadian authorities have laid at their disposal a revolutionary scheme that does not only promise quick results but also extends a fair chance of assessment and evaluation for the migration permission. The CIC also, in a way, has found a very potent vehicle that has everything to help the authorities in maneuvering and managing the skills migration policy at will, and as per requirement.

The current system professes flexibility and convenience for both the Canadian authorities and the applicants. Where the CIC is now assured of an appropriate back up of profiles to judge and select suitable applicants as per the requirements, the applicants now do not have to race against time to finish the application process, though earlier submission of completed requests can mean a faster selection, and face the danger of failing to earn the last spot in the number caps based skills migration scheme.

Express Entry has, in all the ways, helped Canadians in establishing quite liberal visa policies that are expected to bring around rich returns in long term. The prominence of this globally acclaimed destination is increasing, as it goes vouching for creating a rich mix of overseas talent and expertise spanning across a very vast array of fields of specializations. This would surely help the Canadian economy in many ways: address short term and long term skills requirements of the country; ensure availability of skills and workforce in various occupations as per the requirements in various parts of the country; and extend convenient services to the qualified immigrants ready to shift to the country with their skill sets, etc.

With the current edition of Canada Immigration working fine and starting to gather momentum, the Canadian authorities exude confidence while it similarly fills the migrants up with hopes of getting a good chance of being short listed for the permanent residence of the country at any stage. The biggest advantage of the new system is the unrivalled flexibility that it offers to every applicant. Under the new system, any information furnished at the time of creation of electronic profiles is not deemed as final as the applicants enjoy the freedom of updating the strategic details connected to their qualifications including updating academic accomplishment and linguistic skills details.

Canada Express Entry Program

The process of enabling inclusion of information updates in the profiles offers an unparalleled benefit; the system uses CRS to gauge, store and rank the profiles in the pool on the basis of the marks obtained by a specific profile. The profiles in the pool can be stored for a period of 12 months, and during this time the applicants can improve the chances of being selected by improving their scores by providing updates about the areas that really matter.

The new system opens up the new horizons for people of India Seeking Immigration To Canada as they would now be able to continue with the same momentum as they have done in past. Indians rank second after Chinese in moving to the Maple leaf country through skills and business migration. In the previous years since the turn of decade, more than 200,000 Indians have migrated to the Maple leaf country, out of which, over 60% have moved through various economic programs offered under the federal and provincial schemes.

The prospects for the future of migration to Canadian shores from Indian subcontinent seem to be good as Indians have an abundance of young budding talent and expertise and the Maple leaf country has a plethora of openings for the skilled people.

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