Express Entry Canada Procedure and Requirements

Canada Express Entry (EE) is a wonderful program that offers a variety of ways of entering the Maple Leaf country to the qualified and skilled workers. The only prerequisite that system mandates is that the probable applicants should be in a position to prove that they fit into the scenario pretty well. The applicants only need to prove that they fall within the prescribed categories, i.e. they preferably belong to the age group prioritized by the government; have requisite qualifications and exposure in their areas of specializations; and possess appropriate linguistic skills in either of the official languages of the country.

The new skilled migration system embraces all the former federal programs like FSW, FSTP and CEC. Besides these federal schemes, the EE also includes some parts of the PNPs. Although currently only some states, like Nova Scotia, Manitoba, etc., have joined the EE scheme, others are expected to fall in line in days to come.

The new Canada Express Entry is altogether different from all its predecessors in many following ways:

  • It does have that minimum qualification mark for the candidates but barely qualifying that parameter does not guarantee sure shot entry into the reckoning. The current edition actually allows the entry of multiple profiles in the pool over the time; these profiles are gauged through the CRS system and then ranked as per the marks attained by them. The CIC in turn, while conducting selection rounds, prioritized short listing of the highest ranking profiles, like, in the previously conducted short listing sessions, the CIC pitched a minimum cut-off mark. The initial rounds selected profiles with scores higher than 800. The cut-off mark has been reduced over the time and the last selection session saw shot listing of people who had scores 453 marks;
  • The system is flight away from the traditional first in first serve principle, and it now relies completely on selection of profiles on the basis of merit. This is also one reason why just crossing only the minimum qualification mark does not help the candidates to a large extent. The system allows the candidates to create and retain their profiles for a period of one year.
  • The applicants eager to relocate to Canada are required to obtain certain documentary evidences, like:
    • Skills assessment based on academic accomplishments. This document can be obtained by furnishing all required details and documentary supportings to WES with relevant evaluation charges. This document has a pivotal part to play in the assessment procedure as it helps the candidates in scoring critical points for academic accomplishments;
    • Language compatibility proof is another vital documentary requirement. You must write an approved language examination, like IELTS for English, and evidence your skills in either of the official languages of the country, i.e. either English or French. The language result reference helps the candidates in scoring points for language;

Although the Canada Express Entry Procedure does not mandate collection of above mentioned documents prior to creation of profiles, it is, however, essential for the candidates to secure these documents before going in for lodging in their profiles on the electronic platform because the system requires the applicants to reference the documents (like WES report and language TRF.

The reference numbers quoted in the profiles should stay same at the time of submission of second set of application, in case the profile is short listed for the permanent residency, because if some discrepancy is observed, the invite for second round is suspended and profile is deleted and in extreme cases, the applicants can be barred from filing applications for a specified number of years.


Express Entry Canada Procedure and Requirements mandate certain necessary steps which an applicant must complete. The new skilled migration system embraces all the former federal programs like FSW, FSTP and CEC. Besides these federal schemes, the EE also includes some parts of the PNPs.

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