Canada Express Entry for Skilled Workers: What Choices They Have?

Canada Express Entry for Skilled Workers: What Choices They Have?

It is no more a secret that the Maple Leaf Country fails to meet the demand of the skilled workers internally. As a result, foreign skilled workers are regarded national assets. Since time immemorial, the land of opportunities has opened its doors for skilled professionals from diverse fields.

From time to time, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has introduced various programmes to lure skilled workers, and the good news is that CIC has recently introduced Express Entry System, especially designed to attract trained workers.

Since long, many provinces across the country have fallen short of skilled workers. The increase in the demand of skilled workers in the Canadian labor market has given birth to the much awaited and renowned Express Entry System.

     Express Entry is modeled on an identical system in existence in Australia and New Zealand. If you are a skilled worker, and do not wish to be fortified of this excellent opportunity, then you need to be very well aware about the lately introduced Express Entry system. You will be relieve to know the system includes following federal economic programs Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, Canadian Experience Class, and a portion of the Provincial Nominee Programs.


How the Express Entry System will benefit Canada?

To make sure that the country’s economic and labor market needs are met successfully, the nation’s government has reformed its existing economic immigration system in which Express Entry has an important role to play. It will completely transform the way the CIC will process the applications.

It means applications will be processed much faster, and the applicants will receive faster response as per the Canada’s labor market needs. The system will help clear the backlog breaking the traditional norm of the first-come-first-basis. Instead, only those who are likely to succeed in the nation will be given preference.

What role does provinces/territories have to play?

Except Quebec and Nunavut, all provinces and territories are part of the Express Entry system. To meet the local market demand of the Provinces/territories, they may nominate a certain number of applicants through the Express Entry. If a candidate has a provincial/territorial nomination, he is likely to score additional points in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

And it may lead them to an ‘invitation to apply’. Applicants have a choice: they may first enter the Express Entry and then be nominated by the province/territory, or else they may be first nominated by the province/territory and then enter Express Entry.

Skilled workers without a job offer need not to fear, as it is not mandatory to hold a prior job offer. Still, it is an added advantage. Candidates with a prior job offer are likely to score more. Skilled workers, without a job offer, need not to worry as they may register themselves with the Canada’s ‘Job Bank’. One never knows if he is lucky enough and get a lucrative job offer from a Canadian Employer.

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