What is Express Entry Canada Occupation List?

On the 1st of January2015, the Canadian Government executed the system of Express Entry Immigration in the Economic Class which included the Federal skillful Worker plan.

express entry canada occupation list

In this program 347 qualified professions meeting the least entrance criteria, present to the Express Entry Pool a representation of investment report. The profiles of applicants in the pool are positioned under CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System). The highest positioned applicants will be considered and will be invited to submit an application for a permanent dwelling. Those applicants who get the invitation must fill in the application form and submit within a period of sixty days.

The conditions that the Federal trained worker seeking admission to the express admissiongroupare as follows:

Necessary conditions:

  1. The applicant must have worked for one year as a full time paid worker or as a part time worker continuously for the past 10 years in one of the occupations mentioned in the list; plus
  2. The experience of work so gained should be categorized in Skill Type 0, Skill Level A, or Skill Level Bin the sense of the National professionalcategorizationscheme; plus
  3. The applicant must also have a score of 67 points which is the present pass mark, in thetrainedemployee point frameworkincluding six selection aspects.
  4. Must take up a test in English or French language from a standardinstitution and showmid-level language skills.
  5. Holdappropriate settlement financial support;
  6. Must take up a medical examination and a security background test.

Selection Factors:

The allocation of points for employment experience, set Canadian service plus compliance, language, age, and education are as follows:

  • Max educational points = 25

Candidates who possess doctoral degrees will be given a maximum of 25 points for education. Those who have foreign degrees will be apprised by a nominatedintermediary to decide the equivalent in Canada and points will be given depending on the equivalence.

  • Language – Max 28 points and Min 16 points,

Applicants who can show either high or intermediate level of proficiency in English or French will be taken into consideration and awarded a minimum of 16 points. Those applicants who show a higher level of proficiency in these Lang will be given 28 points.

  • Max 15 points and Min 9 points for Employment Experience

The new planneeds atleastone year with a maximum of 6 years experience to qualify.

  • Max 12 points for age

Applicants between the age group of 18 and 35 years get 12 points. Once a candidate reaches the age above 35 years, then, the points will be decreased by 1 with no points awarded to those who are 47 years.

  • Arranged Employment and adaptability points fall between 0 and 15

Applicants who have a validated offer of employment will get 10 points and extra 5 points if he fits in the Adaptability selection factor.

  • Adaptability – Max 10 points

Applicants with minimum 1 year of permanent workexperience in Canada in a skilled trade, technical, professional or managerial will be given maximum points. Other considerations are: close adult relative dwelling in Canada or The spouse has/is

  • Educated in Canada;
  • Previous work experience in Canada; or
  • Knows one official language of Canada.

For more Information about this please visit http://www.expressentryprograms.com/canada-occupation-list.html

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