The Canada Express Entry Federal Skilled Worker Program System

To move to any country in the world an immigration process of the country as to be followed. The Immigration to Canada has an FSWP– The Federal Skilled Worker Program for workers. Under the federal skilled worker program, the applicant’s ability to economically establish upon immigrated to Canada is being analyzed. The point system is used to analyze whether the applicant and the dependents can establish successfully in Canada. The evaluation of the worker class is based on the various factors. These factors are utilized to check the likelihood of the applicants. The workers may apply for permanent residence after achieving the economical establishment in Canada.

Advantages of the New Canada Express Entry Immigration System:

At the beginning of 2015, the government of Canada launched a new system model for Immigration known as “Express Entry”. Under this, there is Canada Express Entry- Benefits Over FSWP. As per the new system, the candidate would have to apply for the Immigration process by providing the information and interest profile to come to Canada through an online application. The Express Entry is a mandatory step in the Federal Skilled Worker Program and other Immigration Program. An individual who meets the eligibility criteria will be positioned in a pool of other qualified applicants and will be ranked against other already existing in the pool.

The conditions that an applicant must meet to qualify as a Federal Skilled Worker:

Under Express Entry Federal Skilled Workers Program, the applicant has to meet the minimum criteria to Immigrate to Canada. An expression of interest, profile as to be submitted to the Express Entry Pool. To qualify as an FWS under Express Entry Pool the following essential conditions have to be looked after:

  • The applicant should possess a work experience of full-time paid of at least one year or a part-time continuous employment that is equivalent to full time.
  • The WorkExperience must be categorized under the applicable National Occupational Classification system.
  • The Score point should be sufficient under the skilled worker point grid consisting of six selection factors.
  • Demonstration of Intermediate level language skill in English and French and a language test from a recognized third party as to be taken.
  • Suitable Funds for Settlement as to be possessed by the applicant.
  • A successful Medical Examination and Security Background test will be conducted for security reasons.

Whereas pertaining the new rules, the evaluation of the qualified applicants is conducted based on the six factors that will be determining the eligibility for Immigration to Canada. The six factors are Education, Employment experience, Language, age, Adaptability, and Age. The candidate with the highest probability of economic success is selected under the new program. On the skilled worker selection grid, the candidate must acquire a minimum 67 points. A maximum of 25 points can be gained for Education. A maximum of 12 points for Age. A minimum of 16 points and maximum of 28 points for Language. A candidate with a validated employment offer can gain up to 10 points. The applicant can achieve up to a maximum of 5 to 10 points for Adaptability.

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