Canada Express Entry 2015 Speedy Immigration Process

With incorporation of Express Entry In 2015, Canadian government has sent a clear message around the world that it is not going to be involved in processing the applications passively, but rather going to participate actively in the process of selecting the candidates deemed fit for the permanent resident visa. The system is somewhat similar to the ones being used in Australia and New Zealand but typical in application and operation; the federal government agency, the CIC now have a bigger role to play in the whole setup; the system has an integrated job bank that allows the applicants to explore the employment opportunities in different regions of the country, and also obtain employment offers from employers.

The system as it seems is there to stay for a long time to come, and provide a much required relief to the applicants and employers at the same time. The Canadian employers have been asking for such a solution that can enable them to locate and appoint appropriately trained and experienced people from other parts of the world. Similarly, the applicants from other countries have waited long enough for system that can make it easy for them to immigrate to this country without too many hassles.

The Canada Express Entry proposes a very simple process that is designed to bring around a lot of changes in the way the aspirants place their requests for migration. First of all, the system supersedes the older system of request evaluation process;

  • It does not have a rejection mechanism that rejects the applications after receiving them in Ontario, i.e. the applicants do not need to spend sleepless nights after submitting their requests as the new system allows the aspirants to place their requests only after it finds them suitable for applying. This would prove to be a major respite for those people who fear losing their money as part of processing fee;
  • Transparency is the hallmark of the new Canadian skilled migration scheme, i.e. the applicants can know about the chances of their moving to this country as they go on with creation of their profiles on the EE platform. The platform is interactive, intelligent and keeps updating the applicants at each step of application creation process. This consistent updating helps the applicants to truly evaluate their standings in the pool and the possibilities of their selection.
  • The single window clearance allows the applicants to access multiple skills migration schemes through a single platform. Although the modalities of provincial nomination process are yet to be clarified, the process is set to prove its worth in next few days;
  • The news platform saves applicants a lot of money and time as they can know about their eligibility much before they go ahead with the placement of the application, i.e. as a part of initial evaluation, the system gauges the profile of the applicants, and gives them clear hints about their being in the fray or out of consideration for the permanent residence. This can help the applicants in deciding whether they should go ahead with committing their resources into obtaining skills assessment reports and evidencing their linguistic skills, etc.

Canada Express Entry Promises Speedy Immigration Process to the applicants. This system has many other inbuilt factors that give it a rare mass appeal. The interested immigrants are not only targeting sumptuous employment opportunities and lavish and stable life in the Maple leaf country but also quick reaction from CIC.

The people already in fray are quite excited about the possibilities of their making it successfully to this awesome location in the western hemisphere.

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