Canada Express Entry Immigration System

The Maple leaf country with its new skilled migration system has again come back to hog the limelight. There is a frenzied rush among immigrants for filing applications for migration through Express Entry System. As per the latest developments, CIC has also conducted two successful short listing rounds for selecting appropriate profiles and sending the applicants instructions for going ahead with the next and penultimate round of application for permanent visa. In these rounds CIC short listed over 1500 people for permanent residence visa and gave them 60 days to comply with.

Canadian skilled migration visa was until recently marred with several controversies and people considered this system to be highly unstable and unpredictable as CIC remained non committal while offering any satisfying assurance to the migrants in waiting. The older systems were tragically more of a confusing mass of entangled laws and provisions in which getting a fair justification for the unfair treatment was least expected.

The times seem to be changing with the installation of Canada Express Entry (EE) as the system is expected to improve in due course and offer a stable platform that greatly assists authorities in selecting appropriate people for skilled trades; and offers unrivalled flexibility to the probable applicants. The applicants do not have to now undergo undue stress of

  • Competing against time and other immigrant applicants in fray to place their requests for migration through schemes like FSW, FSTP and CEC (those already in the country must not miss the date and quota deadlines), and
  • Completing all the formalities before placing the requests as whatever information was shared in applications was taken in as final, and
  • Facing danger being run out of slots for their trades in prevailing editions of skills migration systems, etc.

The new skilled Immigration System Of Canada professes unrivalled flexibility that many may have never experienced before this, i.e.

  • Now the applicants enjoy an unprecedented flexibility of starting their application process as per their convenience and finishing it at their will as per their convenience;
  • The new process permits the applicants to assess their chances of immigrating to the Maple country through skills migration schemes before committing their financial resources for obtaining skills assessment reports; and evidencing their linguistic skills in either of the official languages of the country;
  • The aspirants eager to immigrate to the Maple country do not need to worry about racing against annual quotas in their occupations (this also is highly beneficial for the Canadian government as it can now select most suitable profiles from a bank of profiles);
  • The new process sans conventional system of first come first serve basis and completely relies on the ‘Best is to be selected first’ concept. This aspect makes it a viable option for the applicants as they can still be selected even if they are not able to complete their requests early;
  • The profiles submitted once can be updated, for instance if the applicants are able to attain better scores in linguistic test written later, they can update their profiles as per latest scores and improve their scores for language. Similarly, applicants in process of completing an academic accomplishment at the time of submission profile can now update their education later. i.e. after the receipt of evidences of updated educational qualifications. Updating the profiles can help the applicants improve their chances of gaining entry into the country.

The new Canadian skills migration policy is surely going to prove its worth and credibility within a matter of few months, and this would greatly help the immigrants in obtaining entry into their most favored location.

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