Express Entry Immigration to 0512 Writing, Translating And Related Communications Professionals

Express Entry Program which has been started from January 2015 is the simplified and fastest immigration program. This program helps people immigrate to Canada within a span of six months and in this short span a person can reach his or her dream destination.

The Writing, translating and related communications professionals comes under NOC 512. This group of professionals comes under professional occupations in art and culture. Again this is categorized in four different groups of professionals. The first group is of Authors and writers which are given code 5121. The second group is of Editors under the code 5122. The third group consists of Journalists which has the code 5123. The fourth and the last group consist of Translators, terminologists and interpreters with code 5124.

Duties of these professionals:

  • The writers are divided into three categories assigned with different types of works.
  • The Novelist, playwrights, scriptwriters, poets and other creative writers: They write novels, plays, scripts, poetry and other materials. They conduct research to obtain other necessary information’s about the facts.
  •  Technical writers: They analyze specifications, drawings and notes and other write manuals, user guides as well as other documents for better explanation.
  •  Copywriters: These professionals study and determine that what are the selling points of a product or service and they also write texts for advertisements.
  • The Editors evaluate suitability of articles, public broadcast or electronic media and make changes in style and content. They confer with authors, reporters and staff writers. They co- ordinate the activities of the staffs and coverage of upcoming events. They may negotiate royalties’ with authors and arrange the payments of the freelance staff.
  • The Journalists collect local, national and international news with the help of investigation, observation as well as interviews. They write stories for publication and broadcast. They receives news, verify it and then after checking the accuracy make audio or video program out of it. They are the critics and write reviews for musical, literary and all artistic based works.
  • The Translator can translate material from one language to another. Interpreters translate oral communication from one language to another while meetings, conferences, conversations and debates. Signs are used by sign language interpreters. Terminologists conduct research to itemize terms which are connected with certain fields.

Translators, terminologists and interprets are employed by government s well as private agencies and many other agencies or they may be self – employed.


  • A university degree in specialized area is required.
  • Several years of experience is needed.
  • Copywriters require college diploma in French, English, Marketing, Advertising or related discipline.
  • Membership in a related association is also required.

With their degrees and experience they can get promoted in their fields.


The Authors and writers, Editors, Journalists and Translators, terminologist and interprets with many responsibilities must need university degree or diploma certificate with experience to immigrate and work in Canada. Their works are related to language and literature most of the times.

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