Express Entry immigration to 0215 Architects, urban planners and land surveyors

The process of immigration and visa is simplified, made faster and better with the Express Entry Program. Numerous occupations can apply under express entry program and the occupations are divided into classes by giving them different codes. The Major group 21 is given for Professional occupations in natural and applied sciences.

This major group 21 is again divided into different sub – classes. The category with a code 215 indicates the professionals who are Architects, urban planners and land surveyors. Express Entry immigration to 0215 Architects, urban planners and land surveyors is again divided into four professional classes with different codes.

The first code 2151 indicates the Architects. The second one is the group of Landscape architects with code number 2152. The third category is the group of the Urban and Land use planners with code 2153. The fourth and the last code are 2154, which is of Land surveyors.

Responsibilities of these professionals:

  • An Architect plans, and designs the construction of buildings.
  • The landscape architects conceptualize the landscape designs. They develop the contract documents and then oversee the construction of development for different developments.
  • The Urban and land use planners plans, develops and recommend policies for managing land use, physical facilities and associated services for urban and rural areas as well as remote regions.
  • The Land Surveyors plans and conduct legal surveys to establish the location of real property boundaries, any natural or human made features like contours.


The principal purpose of making buildings is human occupancy or human use.

These professionals are employed by:

  • Central or local government or consultants employs architects or they are self practitioners.
  • Government development and environmental agencies, architectural and engineering firms, landscape consulting firms employ landscape architects or they are self – employed.
  • The urban and land use planners are employed by government, engineering and other consulting companies, land developers. They may work as private consultants.
  • Federal, municipal and provincial government, private sector land surveying establishments, natural resource, and real estate development and construction firms employs the land surveyors.

Only those persons who are qualified and have appropriate license, registration or certification with any relevant mostly governmental body can work as an architect in most of the countries. They require university degree which includes completion of examinations and then the training period. The person to practice architecture must have technical knowledge, good understanding of business and management. They require a bachelors or masters degree. The LEED that is leadership in energy and environmental design, certification is required for urban and land use planners. One can progress in this field by gaining more and more experience.


Canada provides opportunities to the Architects and this is the fact that these professionals are immigrating to Canada in bulk. The urban and land use planners require membership in Canadian Institute of planners. In Canada, the Canada Green Building Council offers leadership in energy and environmental design certificate to the landscape architects. In some provinces one may require a membership in a provincial planning institute.

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